5 Best Military Vehicles to Own in GTA Online (2023)

5 Best Military Vehicles to Own in GTA Online (2023)

When it comes to survival amidst the chaos in the world of GTA 5, having the fastest car isn't enough anymore! In the mean city of Los Santos, players would require a sturdy and reliable mode of transportation that can withstand heavy gunfire, explosions, and collisions and will help them to get from point A to point B in one piece.

Gamers can get their hands on the best vehicles in GTA 5 that can be used in various ways. They can be used to drive on off-road terrain, as a powerful defensive vehicle, and in warfare. But how can you possibly choose the best military vehicle when there are so many distinct models in the game? Let's see how!

GTA Online: 5 Military Vehicles to Own In 2023

In the vast virtual world of Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online), owning powerful military vehicles can give you a significant advantage. Military vehicles are the way to go, whether you want to dominate your opponents in intense multiplayer battles or simply explore the open world with unparalleled speed and firepower.

So, let's explore the 5 best Military vehicles GTA 5 Online to own in 2023 that are capturing the attention and imagination of GTA characters worldwide:

Vehicles Class Price Requirements Dealer Best Use
Oppressor MK II Flying Motorcycle $3,890,250 Own a Terrobyte Warstock Cache & Carry Missions
Rhino Tank Military Tank $1,500,000 None Warstock Cache & Carry Cause mayhem and destruction
Akula Helicopter Helicopter $3,704,050 Own a facility & Hanger Warstock Cache & Carry Avoiding griefers
Thrusters Jetpack $2,750,000 None Warstock Cache & Carry Transportation & Combat
Deluxo Sports Classic $4,721,500 None Warstock Cache & Carry Escaping cops


1. Oppressor MK II

Flying at blistering speeds and armed with devastating missile launchers, the Oppressor MK II takes your GTA Online experience to new heights. This flying motorcycle allows you to soar through the skies effortlessly, dodging incoming fire while launching guided missiles at your foes. Its versatility, speed, and firepower make it ideal for engaging in aerial combat or swiftly traversing the sprawling cityscape.

2. Rhino Tank

As one of GTA Online's most iconic military vehicles, the Rhino Tank is a force to be reckoned with. Its armored hull, heavy artillery, and imposing presence make it a formidable weapon on land and sea. With bullet-resistant windows and powerful cannons, this tank allows you to demolish anything that crosses your path, making it a favorite for intense battles and defending yourself against hostile GTA characters.

3. Akula Helicopter

Stealth and surprise are the hallmarks of the Akula Helicopter. This military chopper is equipped with advanced stealth technology, enabling it to disappear from radar detection. Armed with machine guns and homing missiles, the Akula lets you strike your enemies precisely and vanish without a trace. It's the perfect vehicle for strategic GTA characters who prefer covert operations and unexpected aerial assaults.

4. Thruster

If you've ever dreamed of being a jet-powered superhero, the Thruster is the vehicle for you. Thanks to its state-of-the-art rocket propulsion system, this personal jetpack allows you to soar through the skies with tremendous speed and agility. Armed with dual machine guns and explosive cannons, the Thruster puts you in complete control as you rain down destruction on adversaries or easily maneuver your way through tight spots.

5. Deluxo

Combining the charm of classic cars with cutting-edge military technology, the Deluxo is a time-traveling sports car equipped with flight capabilities and missile launchers. Inspired by the iconic DeLorean from the Back to the Future film trilogy, this vehicle offers a unique blend of style and firepower. Whether battling opponents or exploring the vast GTA Online world, the Deluxo ensures you do it in style, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.

Final Words!

Whether you prefer to earn these vehicles or buy GTA 5 modded account to utilize the benefits of modded account, getting a hand on these military vehicles will undoubtedly bring excitement and power to your GTA Online adventures. These powerful military vehicles in GTA Online will not only elevate your gaming experience but also allow you to dominate opponents and explore the vast virtual world like never before.

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