GTA Online 5: Best Vehicles to Buy and Own 2023

GTA Online 5: Best Vehicles to Buy and Own 2023

The online multiplayer version of the Grand Theft Auto 5 saga, GTA Online, has been up and running for over a decade. In this course of time, Rockstar Games has consistently added new content, ensuring players have plenty to do and keep themselves busy. Most of these ever-changing initiatives include new cars and vehicles to drive and new races to run!

Nothing compares to cruising in the city of Los Santos in GTA 5 Online while playing your favorite songs from San Andreas Radio Station. There's a wide selection of cars and vehicles in Los Santos. However, you would need the fastest car in GTA 5 Online to speed up your ride and dominate your opponents in races.

Ask any gamer any day; most people want to have the best and fastest ride in the game because there is no denying that revving your ride through the streets of Los Santos feels fantastic! Therefore, if you are curious about GTA Online best vehicles having top speed, keep reading this blog for answers.

5 Best Vehicles to Buy in GTA Online in 2023

After nearly 10 years of DLC updates and expansions, the complete GTA V vehicle list features a whopping 700+ drivable vehicles. This list includes cars, bikes, boats, airplanes, and more. Henceforth, choosing an automobile can be difficult for new and seasoned gamers.

This is why we have curated 5 GTA Online best vehicles you can own in 2023. Remember, these vehicles are ranked based on their price, requirements, and other-game stats.

Vehicle Class Standard Price Trade Price Requirements Locations
Oppressor MK II Motorcycle $3,890,250 $2,925,000 Own a terrobyte Warstock cache and carry
Terrobyte Commercial $1,375,000 None Own a nightclub Warstock cache and carry
Vigilante Super Car $3,750,000 None None Warstock cache and carry
Armored Karin Kuruma Sports Car $453,863 Heist Update
Akula Helicopter Helicopter $3,704,050 $2,785,000 Own a hangar and facility Warstock cache and carry
  1. Oppressor MK II
  2. The Oppressor MK II is a flying vehicle and is the best option for gamers looking for something highly versatile. It is considered the "Holy Grail" of GTA Online. Despite its heavy price tag, the Oppressor MK II is this high-speed flying machine that can be armed with homing missiles in an enhanced Terrobyte. It makes it a breeze to carry out Client Jobs, CEO Work, or any other missions you want to finish in Los Santos. What's more interesting is that you can use the Interaction Meny to spawn right next to you, which makes it both convenient and overkill!

  3. Terrobyte
  4. Undoubtedly, the Terrobyte is one of the most incredible vehicles on the list simply due to its dual functionality as a personal space from which you can run all your businesses. In many aspects, it is comparable to the Mobile Operations Centre, but it has one significant advantage: Client Jobs. These small tasks pay incredibly well, giving you a terrific source of extra money.

  5. Vigilante
  6. The Vigilante is essentially the 1989 Batman movie's Batmobile with a GTA Online skin, driven by Michael Keaton. Even though this one is costly, it's worth saving up for, especially if you enjoy heist. Thanks to this car's incredible speed, setups can be completed with the snap of a finger and modified with formidable homing rockets. It's important to note that to purchase additional equipment for the Vigilante, you either require a Mobile Operations Centre or a Weapons Expert at your Weapon Workshop.

  7. Armored Karin Kuruma
  8. The Armoured Karin Kuruma is a godsend in heists and missions because it's not only fast but practically bulletproof. While bombs and rockets will destroy this whip, it is nearly invincible to regular firearms, allowing you to successfully cheat death if you come across heavy underfire from enemies.

  9. Akula Helicopter
  10. The Akula Helicopter is not the most powerful in GTA 5 Online by any means, but it has one key feature to make up for it: stealth! You can peacefully run your business in Los Santos without being bothered by griefers because it's the only vehicle in the game that can go off the radar.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Best cars and vehicles to buy and own in GTA Online. However, you would require a massive bank account to get your hands on any vehicle mentioned above. To complete missions and earn money would take an eternity. But one way of making money fast on GTA Online can help you- GTA 5 Modded Account.

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