FIFA 23: 5 Ways of Making Loads of Coins in Ultimate Team

FIFA 23: 5 Ways of Making Loads of Coins in Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 is one of the world's most popular and iconic sports video game franchises. It was launched on 26th September 2023 by Electronic Arts on various gaming consoles, including - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

FIFA 23 is by far the best version of the game because it looks more realistic than the previous versions. It is not just a game played with friends sitting on the couch; it is an emotion that brings millions of people worldwide to come online and celebrate the thrill of winning and experiencing sportsmanship.

But did you know that being an online game, FIFA 23 has its own virtual money called "FUT Coins?" Players can buy FIFA 23 coins to upgrade their account, form their teams/squads, and have more convenience in all game modes. Thus, it is safe to say that without FUT coins, competing with opponent players is tough. That's why in this blog, we will go in detail to discuss in-game currencies and the best ways to make FIFA coins.

What Is FIFA Ultimate Team and How to Earn FIFA Coins Fast?

As we all know, every game has virtual money that the players use to make in-game purchases. Generally, FIFA Coins (popularly known as FUT Coins) are used on the virtual marketplace to buy players, kits, position modifiers, icons, and other items in FIFA Ultimate Team. Of all football simulators, FIFA 23 UT has become a prevalent online mode whose main objective is to give gamers a chance to build a "dream squad" and compete against other gamers in online matches.

EA Sports has developed FIFA 23 UT in a way so people exchange their real money for FIFA Points. But you are not always required to do so. Thanks to the FUT community's hard-earned experience, players can earn FIFA coins fast without spending a dime. This guide will show how.

5 Ways to Earn FIFA Coins Fast in Ultimate Team

Every football fan dreams of building an ultimate team with the best world-class players in FIFA 23 UT but fails to earn enough FIFA coins. As discussed before, we all know that coins are the heart and soul of the FIFA 23 game, and players grind for hours and days, going through hundreds of matches to establish their team roster.

However, there are simple and quick ways to earn thousands of FIFA Coins. Follow this guide to learn how to make FIFA coins fast and turn your hard-earned coins into something to fund your team upgrade journey

1. Trading Market

You can't avoid trading if we are talking about earning FIFA coins fast. If you understand the mechanism of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team trading market, you will undoubtedly know how to make loads of coins. The simplest method to achieve it is to watch star football players sold on the transfer market for less than their actual merited value. When you encounter such a player and notice that the auction is about to end, try your luck and simply place the bid.

2. Play Division Rivals and Squad Battles

Playing plenty of division rivals and squad battles weekly is the simplest habit you can develop to learn to make FIFA coins fast. The more difficulty, the more points you will earn after winning a match, and you will rank up more quickly every week. The higher your rank progresses, the better rewards you will receive. You will get options to purchase packs or coins, or even both. Remember that you must stay away from untradeable packs if you intend to sell players on the Transfer Market because you won't be able to do so

3. Complete Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

EA Sports rolls out fresh, time-limited Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) throughout the FIFA game's lifecycle. Whether you intend to complete them by yourself or not, SBCs are a savvy strategy to earn FUT coins and rewards in FIFA 23 that could affect your player's value on the transfer market. These tasks require you to put together a team that follows specific requirements. After finishing, you can obtain valuable rewards like player packs, coins, and other useful in-game items.

4. Don't Buy Gold Packs. Buy Bronze Pack Instead

Suppose you are using your coins to buy Gold Packs, STOP. Consider buying the silver and bronze packs instead, as there are fewer such players in the trading marketplace, and it's easier to profit from them. This strategy involves buying bronze packs and reselling FUT items like position modifiers, contracts, and popular-in-demand players on the trade marketplace. Although individual cards may not be of much worth initially, the chances for profit may increase over time. If you wait patiently for values to rise on the market, the seemingly tiny bronze cards might make you a nice profit.

5. Play More Matches

Though this may sound too obvious, this is the most sustainable and best way to earn FIFA coins fast. You will be rewarded with a stack of FUT coins depending on your match performance. These coins can mount up rapidly and serve as an effective revenue supplement. As you complete the season progress and milestones, you'll gain Coin Boosts, boosting the number of coins you earn.

Is There Any Faster Way to Make FIFA Coins?

Making coins in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is not as easy as it sounds. Not every gamer wants to spend countless hours grinding matches to earn coins. Some football fans just want to enjoy the game and have the satisfaction of owning something rare. So, for them, Aurora Resupply is here to help.

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