F160 Raiju vs. B11 Strikeforce: Comparing the Top Aircraft in GTA Online

F160 Raiju vs. B11 Strikeforce: Comparing the Top Aircraft in GTA Online


Aerial combat holds a significant role in the vast world of GTA Online, where having the right aircraft can make all the difference. Today, we take a deep dive into a comparison of two highly popular jets - the F160 Raiju and the B11 Strikeforce. Join us as we explore the unique features, strengths, and weaknesses of each aircraft to determine the best overall choice for your adventures in the skies.

F160 Raiju

Introduced in the San Andreas Mercenaries update, the F160 Raiju stands out with its exceptional stealth ability, making it a true gem among aircraft in GTA Online. Priced at $6,855,000, or $5,141,250 with the discounted trade price, this jet is a worthy investment for those seeking unparalleled stealth capabilities. The F160 Raiju also boasts the most agile VTOL system in the game, providing players with enhanced maneuverability.

In terms of armaments, the F160 Raiju equips homing missiles and cannons, offering reliable offensive capabilities. Notably, this jet holds the title of the fastest vehicle in GTA Online, even without resorting to glitches. Its impressive armor allows it to withstand one RPG, three homing missiles, and three explosive sniper rounds, establishing it as a force to be reckoned with.

B11 Strikeforce

Featured in the After Hours Update drip feed, the B11 Strikeforce has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most heavily armed vehicles in the game. Priced at $3,800,000, this aircraft is known for its versatility and powerful weaponry. Equipped with homing missiles, barrage missiles, bombs, countermeasures, and a cannon, the B11 Strikeforce offers a wide array of offensive options.

The B11 Strikeforce's agility shines in dogfights, thanks to its tight turning radius that allows for nimble maneuvering. Additionally, its impressive armor can withstand two RPG shots, six homing missiles, and five explosive rounds, making it one of the most durable jets available.

Comparing the Aircraft

Both the F160 Raiju and the B11 Strikeforce have their strengths and weaknesses, which we will now examine. The B11 boasts superior armor against explosives, a greater variety of weapons, and an exceptional turning radius. However, it suffers from sluggishness at low altitudes, making it vulnerable to fast-paced threats like Oppressor MK2 missiles. The B11's large size also makes it an easy target in the sky.

On the other hand, the F160 Raiju lacks any notable cons. While its turning radius may not match that of the B11, its VTOL mode compensates with incredible agility in dogfights, as demonstrated in the video. Furthermore, the F160 Raiju's stealth and speed make it a formidable choice. It can withstand minigun fire, making it highly resilient against bullets.


After a thorough analysis, the F160 Raiju emerges as the superior aircraft in terms of overall performance. Its unique combination of stealth, VTOL capabilities, and speed sets it apart from its competitors. With the ability to efficiently eliminate ground targets and excel in dogfights, the F160 Raiju proves to be a versatile and lethal aircraft.

However, it's important to note that the B11 Strikeforce retains its own charm with its impressive weaponry, countermeasures, and exceptional turning radius. It caters to those seeking a more straightforward flying experience.

Ultimately, the choice between these two aircraft depends on personal playstyle and preferences. So, take to the skies, embrace your role as a pilot, and let your preferred aircraft pave the way

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