7 Beginner Tips for Need for Speed Heat

7 Beginner Tips for Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat is a pulse-pounding racing video game. It is the latest installment of the famous Need for Speed series from Electronic Arts and developed by Ghost Games. This game was released on 8th November 2019 on various video gaming consoles--- PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

With the lack of frantic “emotions” on the streets of NFS Most Wanted, and Underground, Need for Speed Heat has made a grand entry into the world of car racing and simulations.

If you’re revving your car engine at the starting line, you will realize that Need for Speed Xbox has put you at the end of the driver’s seat with an arsenal of cars ready to tear up the Palm City streets. NFS Heat tracks down Underground and Most Wanted roots of open-world escapades, cop chases, nitrous-fueled races, and custom cars that bring that extra street racing extravaganza!

However, it is easy to get yourself in trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing. Since a lot is happening in NFS Heat, it may get occasionally confusing compared to past games. Therefore, we bring you 7 easy tips for Need for Speed Heat. With these tips, you can beat any challenge thrown at you on the streets.

Need For Speed Heat Beginner’s Guide: 7 Tips & Tricks You Wish You Knew Earlier!

As you attempt to balance surpassing your rivals in races and remaining one step ahead of the cops, stashing easy-to-follow tips for Need for Speed Heat in your glove compartment can give you a competitive edge over other players.

So, stop pumping your brakes, let go of the trigger, hit the nitrous peddle, and slide into the corners of Palm City with these 7 Beginner Tips for Need for Speed Heat:

1. Remember The Map

The open world setting of Palm City is filled with bonus races, secret collectible items, and challenges. Spend some time remembering the map to find new things to do and chances to get rewards.

2. Learn Drifting Techniques

The drifting mechanics in Need for Speed Heat is sheer bliss! The game makes it easy to perform yet challenging to master, but boy, does it feel wonderful when you succeed! You can take over various challenges spread throughout the map that will help you to polish your skills. You can customize your drifting controls from the menu to maintain high speeds, drift around corners, and have an upper edge in the race

3. Customize Your Ride

Utilize numerous customization choices to personalize your ride. This not only gives your cars a distinctive touch but also improves performance. Make sure that performance and aesthetics are well balanced.

4. Watch Out for Cops

During night races, the cops get more aggressive with the increase in your heat levels. So, be ready for fast chases and try to flee or hide to avoid getting busted. You get more reputation points if you manage to escape the police.

5. Succeed at Day and Night Racing

During the daytime, participate in legal races to earn money that you can then use to improve and personalize your vehicles. At nighttime, participate in illegal street racing events to get more Reputation Points (RP), and also watch out for aggressive police pursuits.

6. Swap Cars in Safehouses

There are various swap houses located throughout Palm City, and they serve the exact purpose that you expected--- you can swap cars, add new customization features, use the garage to store, and get access to various vehicles for different types of racing.

7. Upgrade Your Cars Wisely

Spend your money on making car upgrades that suit your playstyle. Focus on enhancing your car’s acceleration, top speed, and handling to have a competitive edge in the races.

The Final Drift!

Always remember, practice is the key! The more you grind, the better you become a skilled driver in Need for Speed Heat. As you gain Reputational Points (RP) and Experience (XP), your racing skills will improve, allowing you to unlock more thrilling items in the game.

With that being said, it’s a wrap. If you want to know some valuable tips about Need for Speed Unbound and NFS Unbound Credits, stay tuned. Enjoy your final drift!

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