5 Best GTA 5 Money Glitches That Still Work (2023)

5 Best GTA 5 Money Glitches That Still Work (2023)

With its sprawling open world, thrilling missions, and the opportunity to live a life of crime, Grand Theft Auto Online, or GTA Online has captivated players of all ages. However, despite numerous patch updates, this game still faces one significant flaw: earning money in GTA Online is boring! Many heists were added to speed up the process, but it still required plenty of grinding to get wealthy. Eventually, gamers have been using several GTA 5 money glitches for years, which take advantage of broken game mechanics to earn money quicker than typical ways while still theoretically staying within the game's rules.

Uncovering 5 GTA 5 Online Money Glitches that Still Work in 2023

While earning money within the game is essential to progress, some players seek a shortcut to amass wealth. GTA 5 Online money glitch is one of those shortcuts mainly used by gamers. So, let’s see five best GTA 5 money glitches that still work as of 2023. Without wasting any time, let's dive into the world of virtual money-making!

1. Car Duplication Glitch

Car duplication glitches have been a popular method to make money in GTA 5 for years. This glitch involves exploiting the game's mechanics to duplicate expensive vehicles and sell them for extra cash. While the specific methods may vary depending on game updates, YouTube tutorials usually explain the latest expensive working car duplication glitches.

2. High-Paying Contact Mission Glitch

One of the most reliable methods to earn money in GTA 5 is through high-paying contact missions. There is a glitch that allows you to replay these missions repeatedly, ensuring a hefty payout each time. By completing the mission, selecting "Replay," and then quickly exiting at the right moment, you can bypass the cooldown timer and play the mission again for easy cash.

3. Casino Chip Exploit

The Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5 offers various gambling options, and with a clever glitch, you can turn the odds in your favor. Start by purchasing the maximum limit of chips, bet the total amount on the horse race, and then quickly disconnect your internet connection if your horse loses. This will cause the game not to register the loss, allowing you to retry until you win and accumulate a significant amount of chips that can be cashed in.

4. Bunker Manufacturing Glitch

The Bunker Manufacturing glitch in GTA 5 allows players to make more money by repeatedly completing bunker sell missions. This means you can sell the same items over and over again, making a lot of in-game cash.

5. Solo Public Lobby Glitch

This glitch doesn't directly provide money but creates a peaceful and hassle-free environment for money-making activities. You can create a solo public lobby by temporarily disconnecting your internet connection or following specific steps to manipulate your network settings. This eliminates the interference of other players, making it safer and easier to earn money through methods like CEO work, heists, or smuggling runs.


Money makes the GTA Online world move, and gamers grind for days and hours to climb the financial ladder for this! There are various ways to earn money in the game. Rockstar Games has introduced many tasks and missions to help players make cash. But since not all players want to grind to complete these missions, they look for alternatives like GTA money glitches.

You can take advantage of the GTA money glitches that we talked about in the blog or choose other ways to make quick money in GTA Online, including GTA 5 money boost, GTA 5 modded account, cheats, etc. Happy gaming!!

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